If Your Child Overcomes His Speech, Language or Social Skills Difficulties... How Will It Change His Life in School or At Home?

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  • 24 years experience, >1500 clients = Save time, $ and frustration.
  • Individual or group sessions to improve your child's speech, language, oral presentation and social skills.
  • Programs customized to your child's school needs to achieve maximum progress at non premium prices.
  • Weekday or weekend sessions to suit your busy working schedule.
  • Support for parents (regular feedback, teaching tips) to help you overcome frustrations.

Here Is Why You Need This

Dear Friend,

Is your child left behind in school because of his English language, speech or social skills difficulties?

Are his difficulties having a negative impact on his self-esteem, socialization, and school results?

Do you constantly worry about whether your child can keep up with school work?

Does your heart ache when you see your child being left out by other children because of his English language, speech or social skills problems?

Are you looking for effective, proven and affordable speech language therapy programs to supplement your child's early intervention programs?

If your answer is 'Yes' to any of the questions above, please read on...


A child or adult with speech, language difficulties can change their lives for the better with effective speech therapy or language therapy.

Child thumbs up speech language therapy

It troubles us when we see children and adults missing out on effective speech and language therapy that can change their lives for the better.

We are a learning centre specialising in helping children and adults to overcome their English language, reading, speech or social skill difficulties in order to make the most of their lives.

We combine both speech and language therapy as well as enrichment principles to achieve results effectively and efficiently.

A child who has speech or language-based learning difficulties has a longer learning process. What may be a small step for his peers is often a multiple-step process for him. Along this process, he will have different learning needs.

Many of our students found therapy or tuition alone ineffective because it does not address all their learning needs. Either alone typically does not help them reach their goal - which is to keep up with their peers easily without too much time, effort or stress.

These children need the best of both worlds integrating both specialised speech and language therapy and specialised tuition practice.


There are many examples of speech (delay, unclear, stuttering) or language difficulties (in English, Maths) we can help your child to overcome.

Speech difficulties or problems in school or at home:

  • He gets teased by his friends because his speech is unclear.
  • She is unable to tell you what happens in school, what she needs, or how she feels.
  • She speaks in fragments or incomplete sentences, jumbles up her words, and you find yourself asking questions repeatedly just to clarify what she means.
  • He struggles to get his words out fluently, and you are concerned that he may be stuttering.
  • He gets teased or even ostracized by his friends because he stutters.
  • Teachers think he is under-performing because he knows the answers but is not expressing himself.
  • He seems to "swallow his words" and you cannot understand what he wants.
  • He is not say many words or expressing what he wants at two years or older.

Difficulties with English language and Maths word problem in school (primary or pre-school) or poor attention span:

  • He can add numbers, subtract, multiply etc but gets poor grades in Maths because he struggles with words used in the Maths word problems.
  • He scores well on spelling tests but gets poor scores on reading comprehension tasks.
  • She comes home with the same reading homework week after week because she is not making progress.
  • He reads aloud clearly and fluently, but cannot explain, comprehend or tell you what the story is about, and fails to answer questions about the story.

Social interaction problems in school or at home:

  • He knows lots of vocabulary, but does not use them in everyday situations.
  • He is unable to follow instructions in school, or gets into trouble because he misunderstands the instructions given by teachers.
  • He has difficulty making friends and interacting with them, and gets left out because of his poor social skills.


Examples of how our clients can do better in school and home with our classes:

  • Children who used to have difficulty paying attention in school now have better attention and participate in class because they have better language comprehension.
  • Children who used to get frustrated or teased for their articulation or stuttering are now able to speak more clearly (e.g. 'l', 's', 'r', 'f' sounds etc) or more fluently.
  • Children who used to ‘act up’ have fewer tantrums because they can understand instructions and can also express their needs.
  • Children who found it difficult to pick up reading in conventional classes now utilize other learning strategies to become better readers.
  • Children who may not be ready for school enrollment are now able to join their peers in school.

Why Speech Therapy, Language Therapy Singapore

You wonder why does my child have speech and language difficulties?

Let's face it, it is frustrating not being able to understand why my child has speech, language or social skills difficulties.

The truth is, his difficulties may be due to any of the following:

It is important that the fundamental cause of your child's speech and language difficulty is diagnosed in order to save you and your child precious time, money and effort.

This is crucial as the saying goes: "The only thing worse than doing nothing is doing the wrong things enthusiastically."


You may feel lost and don't know where to start. Well, here are some milestones on when you should refer a child for speech therapy or language therapy...

Based on typical developmental milestones, you should refer your child to see us if he:

  • does not understand simple verbal instructions or questions by about 2 years old.
  • is not using simple sentences by about 3 years old.
  • has unclear speech and is difficult to understand by about 3.5 years old.
  • has reading difficulty (suspected Dyslexia) by 5 or 6 years old and may not be ready for primary school.
  • has persistent language processing difficulties in school, e.g. reading comprehension difficulties in English & word problem difficulties in Maths.
  • has other communication difficulties, e.g. stuttering / stammering or voice problems.

If a child has English language, speech or social skills difficulties, he may not 'grow out of it'.

We have helped many adults who felt themselves disadvantaged in their social interaction or career because they did not address their speech & language problem when young.

Without starting therapy early, a child's speech or language skills could fall further behind his peers as he grows older.


Here's what our satisfied parents and adult clients say:

Beverly, Mother of Hailey (6 years old), Australia

After just a few lessons, Hailey’s speech fluency improved significantly. Through fun exercises and games during the classes, Hailey was able to learn tools and techniques to help her effectively overcome her stuttering.

Much to our delight and relief, Hailey now no longer stutters at all.

Beverly, Mother of Hailey (6 years old), Australia
 Annie, mother of Shawn (Sec One), Singapore (Second & Third Testimonials)

When Shawn started his speech language therapy at Leo Magan, he was diagnosed with Specific Language Impairment (SLI).

The teaching staff at Leo Magan are encouraging, positive and sincere. After a year… Shawn is such a different boy now. He is chatty and always looking forward to communicate with peers (making friends) and isn’t afraid to try. No words can express our sincere gratitude. All our lives have been changed!

…imagine if I didn’t cross path with you, God knows what will Shawn’s life be.

P.S. Shawn scored grade B in his PSLE exams, previously he has failed English since primary 4.

Annie, mother of Shawn (Sec One), Singapore (Second & Third Testimonials)

Before we came to Leo Magan, Chester couldn’t read. He could only read 1 or 2 words out of the reading list given by the school. He hated school and didn’t want to go to school.

I started seeing improvements within 3 months of classes at Leo Magan... Now, he has become a more confident and happier boy... Recently, he was even appointed the class monitor! I couldn’t believe it.

I appreciate that Leo Magan offers a very affordable price as I have 2 boys. The class size is very small and the teacher has ample time for each child. For this quality and class size, the fees are very reasonable.

If you are considering therapy but have some reservations, do keep an open mind, keep your options open and try it. I am very happy with Chester’s progress and grateful for the help received.

- Yvette, Mother of Chester (Primary 1), Singapore

Before Leroy came to LeoMagan, we just couldn’t communicate with him. It was always two words like “Daddy, see”. He couldn’t even talk about his favourite toys or answer questions like “What’s this?”. This made us frustrated because we couldn’t have a conversation with him.

In the past 2 months, Leroy has improved by 1 year... Previously at home, no matter what we do, we can’t help him improve. I can now have a conversation with my child...

For those who are considering speech therapy, it really works. We don’t really know how to help him. Just get started. Once he gets it, he’ll be fine.

- Raymond, Father of Leroy (5 years old), Singapore

Before Guan Yu started the Language for Maths Holiday Program, my husband and I both had difficulty coaching him Maths word problems. He can do the numbers in terms of additions and subtraction but he showed little interest and poor attention span when it comes to word problems.

Whenever he has to tackle word problems, he would suddenly develop interest in everything else except the Maths word problem itself. Then, he gets distracted.

We often felt helpless and frustrated as we do not know how to help him to overcome his learning difficulty in Maths. He began to develop more interest after attending the Language for Maths Holiday Program. We notice that classes seem to go from “Fun” to “More fun” from the feedbacks we got from him.

By the end of the holiday program, he does not resist attempting word problems anymore and he is so engaged at times that it spurs him to think further and challenge if the problems make sense.

Mother of Guan Yu (Primary 3), Singapore
Mother of Xavier (Primary 1), Indonesia

I am so proud of my son now, and I really thank the Leo Magan teachers a lot. They teach my son, and they teach me also. I learn how to teach my son better. For this kind of teaching at this price is very good for me.

If I know about Leo Magan I bring my child in Nursery so he is ready for Primary 1! I would tell other parents to come here, don’t delay, it is easier for the child. Try and you will see the improvement for yourself.

Mother of Xavier (Primary 1), Indonesia

I want to say a Big Thank You to all the teachers at Leo Magan. Rustem has achieved more in 2 years of classes here than in 4 years of school. He is now reading better, building sentences, sounding words out and expressing himself.

Sometimes when he is sick he doesn’t want to go school for a week. For Leo Magan classes, he has no complaints even on Saturdays and Sundays, he wakes up early and can’t wait to go. He loves going to the classes.

- Luzayne, Mother of Rustem (Grade 2 in International School), South Africa

Previously she was often bullied & ostracized by her friends as she could not verbalize her needs... she is now able to communicate successfully with her peers & teachers.
Grace has not only enjoyed her lessons, she has shown tremendous improvement & progress in her speech & this is attributed to the dedication, patience & commitment of the teaching staff at Leo Magan.

Mother of Grace (Primary 2), Singapore

I am sure no parents would like the idea of your own child being labelled autistic... Gabriel started to use his vocabulary from the very first appointment at Leo Magan Speech Sanctuary...

I am so glad that his autistic review has given us good feedback that 'Gabriel may not be in the spectrum anymore'.

Jasmine, mother of Gabriel (6 years old), Singapore

SQ's reading skills improved by leaps and bounds (her reading scale improved by 9 months) after just 3 months of therapy at Leo Magan. Initially she was able to learn 2 new words a day after 1 hour... Now, she's able to learn her spelling list within 1-2 hours. She has scored full marks in spelling, English tests...

Mrs. Soh - Mother of J.H. (primary 3) and S.Q. (primary 1), Singapore

Before I came to LeoMagan, I had a very obvious lisp that made me very self conscious about my pronunciation. I felt an improvement within 3 months, especially when people started to notice that my pronunciation has improved.

I know that my speech is clearer because previously people would have difficulty understanding me when I introduce myself. Now they can hear the 's' sound in my name clearly and I don't have to repeat myself.

- Mr Loong (Adult), Lawyer, Singapore

Before coming to LeoMagan, I felt very frustrated when it came to my pronunciation of certain words due to my lisp...

After attending classes at LeoMagan, I saw improvement within 2 to 3 weeks...

An important benefit was being able to articulate clearly during interviews and presentations whereby it is necessary to speak to a group.

- Lucas J. (Adult), University student, Singapore

I believe that not all problems can be solved on your own, sometimes you'll need a guide. The cost vs return ratio is well worth it. I think the therapy is well worth it. I am happy to have found LeoMagan.

Mr. Thomas F. (Business Manager and Part-Time Fitness Trainer), U.S. A.

Leo Magan's way of teaching stutterers to overcome their stuttering is very effective... Now I'm able to speak more clearly and fluently. This in fact has changed my life and helped to boost my morale...

Mr. Adrian S. (University Student), Canada


Who are we and how are we qualified to help you?

Our founder, Ms Magan Chen (Certified Practising Speech Pathologist / Therapist)  brings with her more than 24 years of experience in both private hospital and enrichment centre settings. This gives us exceptional understanding of our clients' medical and school needs.

She has helped more than 1500 individuals to overcome their speech, language or learning difficulties.

We receive regular referrals from Paediatricians, ENTs, Psychiatrists, Doctors, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Childcare centres, Kindergartens, Primary Schools and other established therapy or enrichment centres.


As a speech and language therapy centre, we know specific therapy techniques to address speech and language difficulties and help people overcome them.

Speech and language therapy training specifically addresses normal speech and language development, what can go wrong when children do not develop normal speech and language skills, and specific therapy techniques to help people with such difficulties when normal ways of teaching may not be sufficient.

"Speech pathologists (therapists) are university trained professionals who assess and treat people who have a communication disability. Speech pathologists (therapists) work with all aspects of communication including speech, writing, reading, signs, symbols and gestures." - Speech Pathology Australia


Help for Speech Therapy, Language TherapyWith our proven track record of effectively addressing children's speech & language difficulties, your child will not be left behind or left out.

Your child is where he or she is today because of what he has learned so far, and more importantly, how he has been learning.

If the way he learns has not worked for him so far it  calls for a very different way of teaching...

Many parents have found that waiting it out, attempting to teach their children at home, or enrolling them for courses meant for mainstream children simply have not worked when it comes to helping children with English language, speech and social skills problems.

If your child is already behind his peers, why waste precious months or years that money cannot buy back?


If you have any concerns, please seek professional advice.

Please call us at: (65) 6223-7876 for appointment or questions.

Stop struggling, and call us - talk to us and get started on the path - and once and for all, help your child be more confident and express himself freely!

To Your Success!

Magan Chen

Founder, Certified Registered Speech Language Pathologist (Therapist), Leo Magan

P.S. Don't Put It Off Any Longer! It's time to join our programs now, and put it to work for your child today!

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