If You Know How To Stop Stuttering, How Would It Change Your Life?

Use This Fast, Effective, Proven Speech Program and Learn How To Stop Stuttering for a More Confident and Articulate You

(This can cost you at least $180 per hour for a total of at least $2160 for three months of weekly speech therapy sessions with a speech therapist! - And that's if you manage to find one that specialises in working with people who stutter...)

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Here Is Why You Need This

Dear Friend,
Are you embarrassed or frustrated because you stutter or stammer?

When you stutter or get stuck on a sound do you feel like you can't have your say in life?

When you are in a group at work or social function do you feel like "Hey I've got something to contribute" but you hold yourself back because you are afraid you will make a fool of yourself if you stutter?

Do you feel self-conscious and anxious when you speak and it makes other people feel awkward too?

Do you tie yourself up in knots anticipating how you are going to avoid a particular word when speaking, - or trying to avoid saying anything at all?

Do you feel lost because your stuttering is so unpredictable and you don't know what to do about it?

And the worst thing is that it is a vicious cycle, the more you feel stressed, the worse your stuttering is...

If you stutter and want to just "talk like normal people" - or if you want to speak up as and when you want just because you want to - and you want to overcome your stuttering once and for all - you have come to the right place.


Stuttering affects your confidence, your life and your friends around you. You feel lost and handicapped in social events and cannot express your personality.

Let's face it, it is frustrating not being able to order exactly what you want but settle for something else just because it is easier to say and less likely for you to stutter.

When you are meeting new friends, and you would like to make a good first impression but you stutter and feel like a fool- and also make other people uncomfortable.

When you want to make conversation with someone you are interested in but live in fear you will make a fool of yourself if you stutter, it is agonizing.

When you are hanging out with friends and all you want to do join in, make a comment, chip in with a suggestion - but choose to keep quiet instead for fear of stuttering, and spoiling the flow of the interaction.


You feel like you are not taken seriously at work and your career suffers as you feel stuck.

You dread presentations, video conferences, even just 'regular' phone calls.

Presentations at work keep you up at night. You can’t stop thinking about having to talk to the other person, or an entire group, and how you can manage “not to stutter”. That’s the only thing you care about!

You don’t make or take phone calls in the presence of others unless you really have to. Instead, you choose to send email or use online chatting or texting.

You hear other speaking up in meetings, and you know you are just as smart as he is, or smarter - but you just can't get the words out of your mouth as quickly or fluently because of your stuttering... Or worse, you feel like other people take the words right out of your mouth - along with the credit.

You find yourself constantly worrying and anticipating about who is going to talk to you, and what about, and you feel that even if you rehearse everything, there is no guarantee you will not stutter when you finally talk to your colleague, or your customer, or your boss..


You feel lost and don't know where to start to help yourself. Stuttering just 'happens' to you, at unpredictable times, with different words - how do you 'practise'?

If you have to learn a foreign language, say learning to greet someone in Mandarin Chinese, you know that sitting down and saying it over and over again is a sure way to help you remember and say it correctly. Once you get it, you can say it.

That is not the case for stuttering.

You try to say your friend's name, and you stutter. Your friend tries to be helpful, and says the word for you. The next thing you know, you can say the word without stuttering this time.

Your friend thinks that That's it, problem solved, but you know differently.

(By the way, there is a technical name for this effect. Speech therapists call it the 'adaptation' effect: stuttering severity can be reduced by 50% or more the second time you say the word.)

Your frustration is that you can't say what you want when you want, getting it right the first time. If rehearsing or practising doesn't help and stuttering just seems to 'happen to you', is there anything you can do about it?


Your days of searching for the fastest effective way of eliminating stuttering are over.

You can take control of your speech problem, and learn the little known secrets to eliminate your stuttering starting today- instead of postponing it for months or years.

Imagine learning how to speak so that you can say exactly what you want, getting the words out exactly when you want to, on your first attempt, being able to join in any conversation or presentation without worrying about stuttering.

It may sound unlikely or even impossible but I can assure you (with more than 26 years experience helping people who stutter), this is entirely possible.

If you are open to the idea that there is a different way of speaking that enables you to be fluent, and you are open to the idea of putting in the effort to learn this, I would like to show you how you can...


Speak fluently predictably, without feeling lost and hopeless that stuttering just happens to you!

You can learn how specific ways of talking actually make it virtually impossible to stutter. And you can learn to apply this way of talking so that other people will never know that you have a stuttering problem.

This is an excellent opportunity for stutters who want more out of their life.. perhaps including you, to be in control of your how you talk everyday.. 


The 4 Most Common Myths You Absolutely Must Know About Eliminating Stuttering.

There are 4 powerful secrets on how to eliminate stuttering from your daily speech (removing the frustrations you have experienced... instead of feeling lost and not in control). And you can use them in your own time to be on the road to a fluent speaker.

I am going to shatter some common myths and misconceptions about stuttering and deliver the 4 secrets to you on a silver platter so you can IMMEDIATELY put yourself on the path to being a fluent confident communicator.  


Myth #1: "Take a Deep Breath".

Truth: Taking in a deep breath actually tenses up your muscles. If you want a quick tip, it's breathing out - and learning how to co-ordinate that with speech that helps you to speak fluently without stuttering.

Taking in a deep breath and having to hold it in actually makes your speech muscles tense up - they have to, in order to hold the air in. This actually makes it more difficult to produce easy fluent speech and the breathing pattern will interfere with your speech.

There is abundant evidence that stuttering is an issue of how the brain controls and coordinates the muscles involved in speech ('speech motor control', or 'neuro-motor control', if you want the technical names).

So it's best to seek help from trained professionals rather that following suggestions from people around you which may cause you more anxiety and stress.


Myth #2: 'Just be confident.'

Truth: Contrary to what most people may think, there has not been any scientific evidence to show that anxiety causes stuttering directly.

Many people with a stutter find that they stutter even at times when they don't feel anxious. And anxiety is likely to be a result of stuttering rather than a cause.

What research has established is that stuttering is a problem of speech motor control. In other words, stuttering is an issue of how the brain controls and co-ordinates the physical movement of the speech muscles, not a confidence issue.

We get advice from many people around us in our daily lives.

Yet when it comes to stuttering, you may not realise that research shows that people who stutter speak in a manner which is fundamentally different from people who do not stutter.

The difference occurs not just when they stutter.

Even when they are not stuttering, their stutter-free speech is different from the fluent speech of people who do not stutter.

Research shows that the areas of the brain that are activated, voice reaction times, speech aerodynamics, vocal cord activity level, articulatory lip and tongue muscle activity levels, EMGs etc are all different compared to people who don't stutter, even when they are not stuttering.

Well the technical descriptions above just means that your friends who don't stutter cannot really help you and their advice and suggestions are not going to work for you.

For your friend, trying to speak fluently is just about having more confidence.

For people who stutter, research evidence shows that stuttering is a problem with speech motor control (the movements that produce speech) and cannot be overcome by just having more confidence.

When you no longer stutter, guess what, having confidence comes much more easily.


Myth #3: "Slow down".

Truth: Well, actually this often does work.

However, this strategy also illustrates one of the most frustrating facts about reducing stuttering.

You may be surprised that there are actually many conditions which reduce stuttering to some extent, and it's likely you may already have stumbled on some of them.

If you just "slow down", wear a device to delay how you hear your own speech (delayed auditory feedback), imitate an accent, or speak to a beat or rhythmically, say or read the word again (adaptation effect, as mentioned above), all these are actually likely to reduce your stuttering.

And practically nobody stutters while they sing.

You know what the problem is.

It's a little bit like losing weight, it's not about just losing weight, it's about keeping it off.

We all have our habitual speech speed (Indeed we have our habitual speeds for many activities.

Do you know of friends who walk fast? She or he probably walks fast even when walking down the aisle..).

If you just tell yourself to slow down, it may work for the next 2 sentences and then you are back to your usual speed.

You can't just rely on your 'will power' to slow down, or to speak fluently.

In the long run, you want a solution that works to help you to eliminate stuttering and 'keep it off''.

You want something that works for you predictably, and without you sounding 'weird'.

You want someone to show you how to say what you want when you want, without stuttering just happening to you, and in different situations with different people.


Myth #4: 'Learn this one speech tip and you will never stutter again.'

Truth: Saying this is like saying 'learn to hit the ball this one way and you can be the next tennis champion'.

If a tennis coach promised you this, you would probably run a mile and never learn from him.

Why? You know that a ball could come to you at different speeds, directions, angles, force etc, and you can't possibly just have a 'one-size-fit-all' response to all.

In the same way too, you may find that a 'speech tip' you pick up randomly on the internet may work for some words, then fail you the next time - and you won't know why.

First of all, there are 26 letters of the alphabet.

We move our speech muscles, which include our vocal cords, lips, tongue etc differently - that is what enables us to say different sounds.

You want a program that will enable you to say different words in different situations- and not just when you try it out in a word at home.


Here's The Good News -
You DO Have An Alternative To All The Well Meaning But Ineffective Advice For Your Stuttering.

You CAN Learn to Speak Without Stuttering - without Stuttering just 'happening' to you.

Yes, there is an alternative to all the myths and ineffective 'tips' that you may have tried, or heard from well-meaning but untrained friends and family.

You CAN speak in a fluent way and take control of your speech - without stuttering just happening to you.

You can say what you want when you want - and get it right the first time, not after stuttering.

As I have shared above, it is about addressing the right issue: how the brain controls the speech muscles to produce how you produce speech.


The Biggest Secret To Why You Have Not Been Able To Overcome Your Stuttering : Your Brain Processing.

Here's the biggest secret to why your friends' advice or your own attempts to correct your speech has not worked: your natural brain processing has been working against you.

Once you learnt how to talk at a young age, it is your natural brain processing that you start to do it all subconsciously.

Your brain is designed such that you are not aware of the physical aspect of talking. You can walk and talk. You can drive and talk. It's like walking.

You learn to use the necessary muscles without knowing exactly how they work.

You become like the technically proficient ice-skaters that now focus on 'artistic presentation'.

It doesn't help that statistically only 1% of the population stutters.

So just like the 99% of your friends, when you think about talking, you are more likely concerned with what you say, what words do you choose to achieve your purpose (be persuasive, to not hurt someone's feeling etc), or how to, as your friends may suggest, "sound confident".

It is natural that you are not aware of how your brain controls your speech muscles in order to produce all the hundreds or thousands of different words you say everyday.

And that 'neuro-motor control' or 'speech motor control' is exactly what all the research point to as the issue in stuttering.

In order to get to the root cause of stuttering, you need to address exactly how you produce speech.

You need to 'de-construct' exactly how you talk and learn the speech 'technique' to talk fluently.

You have seen this in action.

A footballer or a baseball player may look like s/he is 'kicking or hitting a ball' just like anyone else, but he actually kicks or hits in a very specific way that achieves a spectacular result, such as curving the ball in order to beat his opponent.

In the same way too, it is possible for you to learn to speak in a different way that actually makes it virtually impossible for you to stutter.

I call this your speech fluency 'technique', and see this as a 'tool' for you to apply in order to solve your problem of stuttering.


Whoa - Does that mean I Have To Learn How To Talk All Over Again? Isn't That Going To Take Ages?

Yes it will if you don't know how to do it.

That's why I see the technique as a 'tool' for you.

On the one hand, it means that the speech technique will deliver predictable results that you can't achieve otherwise, specifically, enabling you to speak fluently without stuttering.

On the other hand, as with some tools, you do have to invest some time to master the tool.

Have you ever had the experience of finding that a particular tool you need is not handy, and you thought you would take a 'short cut' and manage without?

I have done that, and more than 9 times out of 10 I found to my cost that I really should have just taken the time and 'trouble' to get the right tool for the right job.

The good news for you is that I have worked on refining the 'tool' so that you can reap the benefit in the fastest time possible.

When I guide my speech therapy clients, with my demonstrations and feedback or corrections, my clients have learnt this technique quickly in as little as 2 sessions, before they fly out of the country to pursue studies or jobs overseas.

The average it takes to learn what the technique entails is about 6.5 sessions or 6.5 hours.

I don't just teach the speech therapy techniques.

I constantly hone my skill and spend hours refining how to make ideas even more concise, how to present the sequence of ideas so that each builds on the other and accelerates learning, and how to help my clients maintain their 'mojo' in the speech therapy process in actual road-tested sessions.


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Eliminate Your Stuttering


This Powerful, Effective and Proven Speech Technique to Eliminate Stuttering Revealed...

Many of my speech therapy clients have found our sessions so successful in enabling them to develop clarity on what they can do to eliminate stuttering and speak fluently that they have asked to have some way to keep up with my program even when they move overseas, knowing how difficult it it to find experienced professionals.

I decided to record and describe in detail all the speech therapy techniques which I put into practise on a daily basis to help my clients eliminate their stuttering.

I found myself adding new tips or improvements which my speech therapy training did not teach me as the program evolved with my clients, on our constant quest for the most effective solution that would provide the most lasting improvement.

I narrowed down the techniques into those that my clients consistently said worked the fastest, and the best, and went deep into the details that they found necessary to tackle common mistakes or challenges.

What started out as a review exercise quickly became a self contained, highly effective and powerful program.

And I knew that I lot of people like yourself, would likely be interested in learning these secrets to eliminate your stutter as well.


How This Program is Designed to Stop Your Stuttering and What It is Not..

  1. This is not a program where I ‘cure’ you. This is a program where you learn to be fluent in the fastest, most effective way that has worked with hundreds of my clients over 26 years. You have to be prepared to make this work.
  2. This is not a ‘Learning English’ program. If English is a foreign language or second language for you, and you have trouble expressing your ideas in English, or if other English speakers often have difficulty understanding what you say even when you are not stuttering, this program is not designed to improve your speech.
  3. This is not a program to ‘Eliminate Your Anxiety’ or ‘Build Your Self Esteem’ or ‘Improve Your Confidence’ etc. This is not to say that these areas are unimportant.
    Working directly on your speech to reduce the frequency and severity of your stuttering, and working on your feelings about your speech (avoidance, anxiety etc) may be of different importance to different people with stuttering.
    (Indeed, speech proficiency and self esteem are different issues. Your friend who does not stutter may also experience anxiety about speaking in certain situations, and may not always be the most ‘self-confident’ person.)


Because this program is designed as a home study program, it has been designed to help you address the physical aspects of your speech, and learn a new way of using your speech muscles in a specific way so that they work for you, and you don’t find yourself stuttering even when you know exactly what you want to say.

Many of my clients find that their confidence improves when their speech fluency improves.

This program is for you if you fit one of these categories:

  1. You have a stuttering problem and feel lost as to how to help yourself.
  2. You have tried speech therapy before, or maybe when you were much younger, but you want to supplement that with a home study program to achieve much better results more quickly.

This speech technique is an essential part of any well-established speech therapy programs run in speech therapy clinics or universities all over the world.

It is virtually impossible to achieve fluency without incorporating this into your speech.

Anyone can see what a yoga position such a 'plank' or 'dog' looks like in a photo. What you need is to put it into practice in order to reap all the benefits that yoga brings.

In this program, not only will you get the tool - the one speech therapy technique that my clients say work the fastest and the best.

More importantly, you will learn all the insider tips that you will not read about any where else about how to practise, implement the technique to all the letters of the alphabet - essentially master that tool, so that you master your speech - and can say whatever you want whenever you want without stuttering holding you back.

Because this program that is borne out of the experience of supporting clients as they make progress in therapy sessions, I include as many as 9 insider tips you will not read about anywhere else about how to practise so that you reach a level where speaking fluently comes naturally without stuttering just happening to you.

This is the one and only speech therapy self-study program in the market where you can:

  • Discover the most essential speech therapy technique you will find in the most successful Speech therapy programs run in universities or hospitals all over the world; it is virtually impossible to achieve fluency without applying this technique.
  • Learn exactly how to apply this basic speech technique to any word you want to say - see and hear exactly how it is done
  • Learn all these on your own, at your own time, and at your own pace.
  • Have everything you need to learn the speech therapy techniques- the notes, the videos, the common mistakes and solutions etc.
  • Learn all these on your own, at your own time, and at your own pace.
  • Save yourself time, money and effort, with a program that has been painstakingly put together and specifically designed. Months of work have gone into the organization of the content: what to include, what to leave out, which information can be chunked together, which to learn first in order to grasp the concept most easily etc - so that you know you are achieving fluent speech the fastest and easiest way possible.


loudspeaker Announcing The Release of "Eliminate Your Stuttering" - Say What You Want When You Want home study program!

Speech Therapy Made Clear, Concise, Convenient- and giving you Effective Lasting Results...

In this never-before content-rich program, I literally give you a step-by-step process to follow, and reveal all the insider tips that have evolved from helping my clients achieve fluency for over 26 years.

Here are just a few of the things you're going to learn and discover in this valuable self study Speech training experience:

  1. Why more than 95% of my clients reap the benefits and begin to speak fluently without stuttering after learning as little as about 40% of the entire program I've put together for you.
  2. What is the most powerful, must know technique to help you to eliminate your stuttering and speak fluently.
  3. How to apply this technique to any word you may find yourself struggling with.
  4. Understand your own stuttering as you have never done before.
  5. How your natural thinking process or "common sense" about your speech is likely to hold you back from being fluent in your speech.
  6. How to think differently about your current speech and create habits to reduce your stuttering.
  7. The step-by-step blueprint of how to execute the technique described in the program, with detailed demonstrations so that you can see exactly how they work.
  8. The common mistakes that my clients make, and how you to ensure you don't make them yourself.
  9. Walk through the specific exercises created to put the new speech techniques into effect (you'll receive copies of the different exercises you need).
  10. Simple effective speech techniques to immediately reduce your stutter and thereby boost your confidence in everyday speech.
  11. What to do if things don't go as fast as you have planned, and how to improve your learning process.
  12. The simple but effective strategy to ensure that you do maintain a reduced speech rate and slow down your speech for fluent and effective communication.
  13. The important keys to create more fluent speech in your everyday life so you can become more confident, happy and fulfilled.

"Leo Magan's way of teaching stutterers to overcome their difficulties is very effective... Now I'm able to speak more clearly and fluently. This in fact has changed my life and helped to boost my morale.. Before this program nobody wants me in their group for presentations, now every group in class wants me, I have to say No to them!"

Adrian S. (University Student), Canada

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

High quality training videos, with actual demonstrations of different Speech techniques which you can model after...

how to stop stuttering videos

High quality training videos with all the concepts and demonstrations to ensure everything you get is great content and powerful material to eliminate your stutter.

These videos enable you to go through the training program at your own pace and review any section if desired.

Including "Get Started Guide" to help you navigate the different modules and speech exercise handouts....

Videos of LeoMagan eliminate stuttering program printouts

As you watch and listen to the video, you'll be able to follow along with the printout materials. This includes a "Get Started Guide" to give you an overview of the different modules and how to get the most out of this powerful training program.

Your program will contain everything you need to get started to eliminate your stuttering.

Your investment for this entire home study program to Eliminate Your Stuttering is only $499  $197!

(This can cost you at least $180 per hour for a total of at least $2160 for three months of weekly speech therapy sessions with a speech therapist! - And that's if you manage to find one that specialises in working with people who stutter...)

Plus: Order The Program Now, And You'll Receive 2 Additional Bonuses for FREE!

If you order the "Eliminate Your Stuttering" Home Study Virtual Experience program right now, here are the special bonuses that you'll receive for free:

Bonus #1:

'Special Word List for Great Speech Fluency' to jump start your new found speech fluency technique

How to Stop Stuttering Reading List

To reinforce the learning in the 'Eliminate Your Stutter' program, you'll receive a free copy of my 8 page 'Special Word List for Great Speech Fluency'. This list is a convenient list of words for you to practise your new speech fluency technique.

It is specially compiled to complement your home study experience because it presents the lists in the same order that will help you to understand the principle clearly and apply the technique to the most number of words in the fastest way possible.

You will find this list a HUGE asset to ensure that you get to practise words that occur most frequently in everyday use, as well as provide different levels of challenge for you to hone your skills and keep you motivated.

Bonus #2:

'Positive Affirmations List' to help you to 'take your foot off the brake' and accelerate your progress!

Eliminate your stutter with affirmations!

Free yourself of emotional barriers to achieving success.

These affirmations will help you to not just apply your speech fluency technique and do things differently, but actually become a different person- a fluent, confident and powerful communicator.

These are amazing bonuses to accompany the entire program when you order now!

Your total investment is only $499  $197!

"This serves to improve the quality of my relationships and help me to contribute to those around me. I believe that not all problems can be solved on your own, sometimes you’ll need a guide.

The cost vs return ratio is well worth it. I think the therapy is well worth it, especially living in a multi-cultural society... I am happy to have found LeoMagan."

Thomas F. (Business Manager and Part-Time Fitness Trainer), U.S. A.

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Eliminate Your Stuttering

You Have Nothing To Lose With My Personal Guarantee

I am so confident this entire program will truly impress you and give you everything you need, I can offer the following for 30 days:

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days

I guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality, material and amount of knowledge that you gain from following this program.

Order the program and put it to full use for 30 Days. Watch all of the powerful videos, learn all the secrets, and see how this program can help you eliminate your stutter.

Once you’ve reviewed and enjoyed the program for 30 days, if you don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promise, and in fact exceeded your expectations, simply contact our office, and let us know that you were not impressed — and we’ll happily refund every penny you paid for the program. I can’t be anymore fair than this, and I won’t keep your money if you are not happy with what we have provided you.

Remember, this is 100% proven, tested speech therapy exercises used by many of my clients to eliminate their stutter. And it is written by a speech therapist with more than two decades of actual therapy experience – so you know it’s coming from an expert in this field.

Put my program to the test, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

The bottom line: Try the program out, because you have NOTHING to lose...

except maybe all of the pain and struggle in your everyday speech!


Imagine if speaking your mind everyday wasn't a struggle for you, and that you had all the confidence to say what you what, when you want.

Think about how you could express yourself freely if you weren't worried about your speech - imagine the freedom you'd have!

That freedom is precisely what I'm going to help you achieve in this program, and that's my goal for you - Eliminate Your Stutter and Speak Fluently and Freely!

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By checking the box above, I understand and agree to all the terms and conditions listed in this website. Please grant me access to the program now!

Eliminate Your Stuttering

Stop struggling, and take my challenge - order this powerful program, and get started on the path to implementing this powerful speech strategy - and once and for all, take control of your life and and be more confident and express yourself freely!

To Your Success,

Magan Chen

Founder, 'Eliminate Your Stuttering' program from Leo Magan

P.S. I've taken all the risk out of this... and guaranteed that you'll be thrilled with this program or I'll give your money back!

What else could you possibly need to be convinced that it's time to get started? Don't be the one that is holding yourself back from changing your life!

P.S.S. Here are just a few of the positive reviews from our clients:

Before coming to LeoMagan, I felt very frustrated as I wasn’t able to speak properly. I would avoid certain words because I know I will stutter.

People would criticise my speech. People around me attribute me not being able to get various achievements or benefits because of my stuttering.

They say I cannot get advancement because of my speech.

I’m glad I found you. For those who are considering speech therapy, I would encourage them to give LeoMagan a try as speech therapy here is affordable and effective.

I have learnt techniques here I have never seen online .

I can now speak more fluently and I am stuttering less. People actually noticed that my speech improved.

Now I can say more words that I used to avoid.

Before this, I would avoid certain words because I know I will stutter, but now I can say it more often.

When I know I’m about to stutter, I will just apply some of the techniques I learnt. It has made me more confident in my own speech.

To everyone at LeoMagan, I want to say “Thank you for your hard work!”

- Mr. Hasif (Adult), Awaiting University Admission, Singapore

When I stutter or block I feel like I am sucked into a black hole and I can’t run away.

I can’t speak up. I don’t have a choice. I feel very self-conscious.

I think it makes other people feel very awkward too. I feel that there was no way out, no speech practice I could do, or any solutions to fall back on.

I just felt lost.

Within the first few speech therapy sessions, I learnt several things, for example, how to co-ordinate my breathing with my speech.

One of the best things was just knowing that there was something I could do. It was like having a car which was spoilt, and I knew exactly which part I have to fix.

I started being able to talk to my friend and my supervisor fluently without stuttering at all for some bouts of times.

It’s like the blind having bouts where they can see.. I am so impressed that you all work so well together to keep track of my progress and help me.

If you stutter, you should try speech therapy and start to ‘see the light’ and see the improvement for yourself.

Benjamin S. (PhD Student and University Tutor), U.S.A.

The speech therapy has been very effective in helping me to cope with my fluency of speech. Leo Magan taught me a lot of speech techniques that is useful in my daily speech, which helps to stop the blockage in stuttering.

So far it has prove to be effective because when I know that I am stuttering or going to stutter, I will apply the technique and it helps.

Daniel L. (University Student), U.S.A.

After I started my speech therapy, I have improved a lot after just 2, 3 sessions. My speech is so much better, my friends are surprised I need speech therapy.

My speech is a lot better. I feel much more confident. I am comfortable to take my time to express myself.

If you are thinking about speech therapy, and have the time and resources, you should definitely try it out. It will help you for life.

Zachary L. (University Student), Singapore

Don't Put It Off Any Longer!

It's time to get this program, and put this incredible 'Eliminate Your Stuttering' program to work for you!

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Eliminate Your Stuttering