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  1. Sharon Yeo


    I’m a 24 year-old adult seeking help for my lisp problem. I have problem with s/z/th sounds and speak like I’m having braces on. This has always been the case since young and I have not received any professional help.

    I would like to understand how would the SLTs in Leo Magan help and how much would a therapy session cost. Also, to completely improve on my speech how many sessions would I need.

    Appreciate your early reply please. Thank you.



    1. LeoMagan Post author

      Hi Sharon,
      Thank you for leaving a comment.

      We produce different sounds by moving our tongues to different positions, and learning to co-ordinate the different tongue movements so that we can do it correctly, easily and quickly.

      Difficulties with s, z, and th sounds can be a big problem because s is actually the most common sound in English, occurring at the beginning of words, middle, ending sounds, with other sounds such as in 'sl-', 'st-' etc, and is also used for many grammar forms such as plurals. As such, it may sound as if one entire sentence is not clear even though it is only one sound that you can't say clearly.

      We have had good success working with all age groups to correct lisp by helping people improve the necessary tongue co-ordination skills.

      We suggest you call us (no obligations) so that you can tell us more. Lisp is something you can correct with professional speech therapist's help.

      Thank you again. Regards, Magan

  2. Metta

    Hi, I am Metta. I have a 16 year old son having problem to speak fluently. He can speak english to eleven to twelve word length but not very fluently. Do you think you can help me in this matter? May I know the course fee for the program? Since I live in Indonesia and I plan to send him to your place during the holiday for about two or three weeks.Thank you

    1. LeoMagan Post author

      Hi Metta,
      Thank you for your inquiry on our blog.

      We have helped many teenagers to overcome their speech problems. We have also emailed you details of our course program.

      Thank you,

  3. Joel Neo

    Hi, I am 16 and think I have a lisp and I can’t pronounce ‘s’/’z’ fluently. Is it possible to overcome this problem completely? May I know the estimated costs and duration? Thank you!

  4. Pang chong jie


    I have a 28 months old kid who hasn’t spoken a word. Can i know if you have more details on the therapy as well as the cost involved per session.

    Thank you!


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